These Ganders have been lost from the flock!

Please help us locate these Ganders.  Some of these folks have been located, but the update has not found its way to the webmaster.  Since we primarily use email to communicate, this info may be missing. Any info that you have will be helpful:

ie married names, best friends, family members, place of employment, last known info, email, phone, etc!

  Send all clues/information to:  Joe S

Note:  If you are on this page, please click here and complete this form.


Sandra Akins

Linda Alston

Susan Arvin

Diane Ayers

Kay Aubuchon Swint

William Aylor

Mary Katherine Barbee Himel

Charlotte Baumbach

Randy Beckman

Robert Bellah

Yolanda Benavides

Jean Berry

Ronald Bishop

Bobby Bond

Linda Boswell

Lewis Boswell

Charles Wayne Brinkley

Gloria Ann Campbell

James Crawford

James Carlton

Beverly Clement

Marilyn Cowart

Betty Chastain

Eddie Christian

Albert Cupps

Mary Davis

Linda De La Vergne Rhodes

Gail DuBose

Theresa Dunn

Freddie Eilers

Robert Everett

Linda Farr

Morris Al Fayle

Pam Fisher

Penny Fowler Jackson

Joe Frazier

Deborah Gale Gardner

Brian Garner

Jeff Gilbreath

Laura Hale

Ronald Hamilton

Laura Hale

Ronald Hamilton

Kenneth Hancock

Skip Hardin

Becky Hastings

Pam Haynes

Paul Henderson

Pamela Rae Henley

Patsy Hightower

Johnelle Garrett

Susan Diane Gates

Andrew Gonzales

Mary Louise Graves

Melba Grayless

Clem Gutierrez

Pam Haffelfinger

Wayne Hill

Laura Hale

Kenneth Hancock

Bobby Hoffpaur

Cynthia Holland

Skip Hardin

Loretta Jacobs

Jacquelyn Sue Johnson

Tommy Johnson

Shirley Jones

Pat LaFour O'Conner

Alan Linscomb

Poni Long

Lee Goode McSparren

Mike Mathews

Estella Maxwell

Janet Meredith

Larry Miller

George F  Mc Craney

LaJan McAlister

William Robert Morisak

Glendon Moses

James Albert Murray

Pamela Nance

Sherry Novasod

Mary Ortiz

Ed Pendleton



Thomas Oviedo

Linda K Prewitt Geaslin

Carolynne Procell Hopf

Dorsey Ellen Puckett

Catherine Ramirez

Darlene Reeves

Patricia Richard

Humberto Rodriguez

Geoff Rogers

Doug Rose

Karen Schiller

Dottie Shivers

Danny Smith

Linda Spears  FOUND!

James Marshall Spell

James "Jim" Stanley

Joy States

James Sterling

Karen Spuhler

Nora Story

Betty Louise Spencer

Jerry Wayne Smith

Davis T Taylor

Renell Tanner

Charles Tieman

Vernon Thomas

Wade Tomlinson

Carolyn Joyce Townsend

Jill Tyler

Thelma Villerreal

Lanny Voigt

Robert "Bobby" Warren

Lenora Weimer

Phillip Wendell

Ronnie Welch

Joe Westberry

Dale White

James Williams

Roy Wood

Jo Ann Wooten

Tina Wright

Glenda Janis Young

Robert "Rocky' Whitson

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